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Copenhagen. The Du Nord Department store (Magasin du Nord)

square Kongens of Nytorv (Kongens Nytorv), right Royal theatre, is the main Department store in Copenhagen - "Store du Nord". (Magasin du Nord map). In 1868, Theodor Wessel and Emil Vette opened a small dry goods store in Copenhagen, which immediately became popular. After 2 years it was necessary to greatly expand retail space that it had rented premises in the building of the hotel "du Nord" on the square Cornes of Nytorv (the building is remarkable by the fact that in it from 1838 to 1842 he lived Hans Christian Andersen).

Copenhagen. The Du Nord Department store (Magasin du Nord)

Shop grew, occupying more premises and in 1879 received the official name of the hotel. Over all the fact that 10 years later, in 1889, the store owners bought the entire property. Since the old building is not too consistent with the views of the new masters of modern trade enterprise, it together with a pair of adjacent old buildings were demolished in 1893, and began construction of a large shopping complex in the style of the French Renaissance by architects Henri Gisela and albert Jensen. Just a year later, the luxurious Palace of trade was opened for customers. By that time the company had about 50 stores across Denmark in the first decade of the next, 20th century, their number close to a hundred.

Copenhagen. The Du Nord Department store (Magasin du Nord)

Bicycle Parking along the front of the store. The Bicycle is the main transport of the Danes. The state, to put it mildly, does not encourage mass motorization high duties on the sale and taxes on the ownership of personal transport. Even with a relatively high standard of living are the Scandinavian countries, the car remains a luxury item. Public transport is also not cheap. Because the descendants of the Vikings are happy to use the two-wheeled means of transportation - Bicycle commute to work, shopping, to visit and country walks.

Copenhagen,  Kongens Nytorv, King's New Square Copenhagen,  Kongens Nytorv, King's New Square

Front theatre Royal is set monument Danish writer, playwright and poet and the author of the national anthem of Denmark, Adam Gottlob Oehlenschläger.

Copenhagen, Kongens Nytorv,  Adam Gottlob Oehlenschläger monument Copenhagen, Kongens Nytorv, King's New Square