Frederiksstaden Places of Interest

Frederic's Hospital (Designmuseum)

Frederic's Hospital (Designmuseum), CopenhagenAt the end of Bredgade street is the building of the first people's hospital in Copenhagen, founded by decree of King Frederick V (read more )

Marble Сhurch Interiors

Interiors of the Marble church, Copenhagen

The interior space of the Frederick church (or Marblekirken) is quite strict, the main impression is, of course, its huge volume. Thanks to the Windows in two tiers, the room does not require artificial lighting during the day (read more )

Odd Fellow Palace

Odd Fellow Palace, Copenhagen

The building was built in 1751-1755 as part of the reconstruction of the new district of Frederikstaden designed by Johan Gottfried Rosenberg, the work was supervised by Nicolai Eigtveds, the author of the project for the development of the district (read more )