Inderhavnen and Larsen Plads Places of Interest

Inderhavnen, or "Inner harbour" is former commercial and military port of old Copenhagen. Today, the piers became a place for walks, and port warehouses converted to luxury apartment buildings, preserving the historic appearance. On the banks of Inderhavnen are the Larsens Plads promenade, Garden of Amalia, Opera house.

The Amalie Garden (Amaliehaven)

Amalie Garden, Copenhagen

The small park Amaliehaven is located between the Amalienborg Palace and the Larsen Plads embankment and was opened relatively recently in 1983 (read more )

Larsens Plads Embankment

Copenhagen. Blue warehouse

In the first half of the 19th century, the Western shore of Inderhavnen Harbor was occupied by a large shipyard owned by Lars Larsen. over time, this area became known as Larens Plads, that is, "Place of Larsen" (read more )