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Copenhagen. Strøget - pedestrian shopping street

Kongens Nytorv sqare and City Hall square (Rådhuspladsen) connects shopping street Strøget (map). This is the most popular tourist place in Copenhagen and one of the longest pedestrian shopping areas in Europe, its length is 1.1 km.

Copenhagen. Strøget street

In the first from area attractions like Kongens Nytorv building settled the Guinness Museum of records.

Copenhagen, Guiness Museum of records

History of the pedestrian zone began in the 50-ies, when a part of the strøget begin to block movement of vehicles during the Christmas holidays. The idea of creating a pedestrian zone in the historical centre appeared Vassard Alfred (Alfred Wassard) under the impression he had seen the streets of German cities, where after the war it is practiced everywhere. Becoming in 1962 the mayor of Copenhagen, he began to actively promote this idea, met, however, fierce resistance. Opponent's pedestrian zone became a trade lobby, representing the interests of the owners of the shopping district, strøget, who feared losing customers motorists. The case was so serious that Vassard even received anonymous threats of murder. The result was a compromise - to close the street as an experiment, from November 1962 to January 1964.

Copenhagen. Strøget street

after a year everything fell into place - mass trade at the Eastern end of the street, on the area attractions like Kongens Nytorv, increased sales, and luxury boutiques on the strøget received new customers from among the tourists. Special profit from the undertakings received catering - restaurants and cafes immediately became popular not only among tourists but also among locals. Now on the streets, strøget on a summer day is up to 80 thousand people, another time - about 50 thousand.

Copenhagen. Strøget street

Over the rooftops rises the tower of the Church of St. Nicholas.

Copenhagen. The Church of St. Nicholas

Street strøget runs through several areas - the Area Habro.

Copenhagen. Habra square (Højbro Plads)

Amagertorv square (Amagertorv). It housed Amagerbro market, which was brought for sale their crops the farmers of the island of Amager.

Copenhagen. Amager square (Amagertorv) Copenhagen. Amager square (Amagertorv)

Square decorated with a Fountain of storks, one of the main attractions of the street strøget.

Copenhagen. Amager sqare (Amagertorv)

this panorama I have finished already and the second battery in the camera - so rich at the footage turned out to be the day in Copenhagen.